Nicole Brosky
Great service, super fast to come when my car wouldn’t start and needed to be towed
Bob Redding
Very professional and careful not to damage anything. Would highly recommend.
Amber Seitz
My car broke down in Fairfield, PA and I needed to tow it. I called several places included triple A , with no luck. I called Road rangers in Gettysburg and they answered right away and were able to come and help me out within 30 minutes of the call. Very polite and fast. I will be recommending them to all of my family and friends! Thank you so much for everything.
Kyle Wilcox
Had a wheel pop off in the Gettysburg area at around midnight. By 1am JR had us and the vehicle at a local mechanic ready to be fixed in the morning. JR was nothing short of professional and courteous in our time of need.
JR from Road Rangers was fantastic. Broke down in 100 degree heat in Gettysburg National Park and JR spent an hour or so trying to diagnose the problem. Got our car going but were not able to pull our camper. The next morning he towed our camper all of 50 miles back to our home safe and sound. Very professional and knowledgeable service. 👍
This company was a blessing to me tonight. My Nissan Rouge gave out on me after a long day of work and me living 1hr and 20mins away from this guy name JR was on his way to sleep and received the call about my vehicle and was nice enough to get back out the bed to come and service me. I have been on the side of the road since 11:15 god bless his soul and he is so welcoming understanding and professional. They need businesses out here like this tow truck business. Phenomenal is what I may call it cause he nice and I’m forever grateful for his help
Denise Kreiger
Road rangers rescued me when my car wouldn't start at a convenience store in Gettysburg. The tow truck driver was so nice and helpful, so I could be reimbursed by my insurance company for the tow fee. I would recommend this company any time you need towing service in and around Gettysburg. Five stars from me!
Berkley Waterbury
Long story so get ready! Went to NY to see family for Thanksgiving 2018, left the Tuesday after to ensure we were home by that Wednesday for work. While we were passing through Gettysburg to get to Fredericksburg, VA my radiator began leaking due to a rock going through it... called Geico and they put me in contact with Road Rangers to get my car towed. I was very weary but I can tell you that these people were MORE than amazing. The owner towed our car quickly to get us off of the side of the road and kept our minds from sinking with upbeat conversation. We get to the shop and the first face we see is Mrs. Lisa who was so sweet and kind! She was so hospitable in every way offering us everything she could to lighten things up. When we walked in this family owned shop we definitely felt like family from the very beginning! They worked hard to get us fixed up and back on the road! They worked with Geico to have our car looked at and even ordered us pizza before we left! The mechanic who worked on our car did an amazing job and even stayed late to get us back up and running. To give this place 5 stars is an understatement! Thank you road rangers for helping us along the way! From: A couple and their dog ❤️
Jennie Dillon
My timing belt snapped while I was on Route 15. I wasn't too happy with the situation or the location of where it happened, but I called Road Rangers and they were there in 20 minutes with a rollback. Excellent service. The driver was timely in arriving and in getting me to the repair shop. Good conversation with the driver. Put me a little at ease considering I was stressed out!
Lisa Lanham
I absolutely hate having car problems! I get anxiety about not knowing what's wrong & how much its gonna cost me. I was halfway home from york & my car died! It was late and I called Road Rangers. He was there quick which was nice cuz it was dark & I was on the side of the road. JR towed me to Road Rangers & the next day and Luke, the new mechanic, fixed my car. I must say that Road Rangers made my experience smoothe...and the price was very reasonable! Thanks guys! U have a fan in me!
After swerving to miss a deer, my truck ran off the road and into a ditch. I called Road Rangers Towing and within 15 minutes they were there to pull my truck from the ditch. I also thought the price they charged me was very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend Road Rangers.