You’ll be able to get nearly everything you could want from a towing and locksmith company at Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service. Customers can get almost any kind of roadside assistance from us, even if their cars have gone off the road entirely. We want to offer our customers the full range of vehicular services, so they can get their vehicles back in proper working order as fast as possible. At Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service, we believe that when you’re on the road and the car breaks down, it should only take one phone call to solve your car troubles. We will do our best to make that happen for you.

How We Can Help:

Car, trailer, van, and truck towing:
We’ll be able to move your vehicles to the desired location in no time flat. Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service is capable of working with a wide range of vehicles, including the larger and heavier ones. People that take to the road using all sorts of vehicles will be able to do business with Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service. While some people that drive specialty vehicles may have to shop around looking for a service that will help them, Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service will be able to tow their vehicles just as surely as we would for a station wagon.

Motorcycle towing:
We can still help get your vehicle up and running, even if you drive a motorcycle. Our operations are equipped to handle motorcycles just as well as cars and other large vehicles. Motorcycles break down too, and motorcycle riders deserve the best help that they can get.

Flat tires:
Flat tires can happen for various reasons and at the worst possible times. We can bring you air, plug or patch your tire or just change your tire to get you back on the road quickly.

Jump starts:
If your car battery is dead and you need someone to help get you back up and running, you can call the Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service.

Light duty, Medium duty, and Heavy duty:
Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service can work with a variety of weights. Most likely, whatever you’re driving is always within our range.

Winch outs:
Sometimes, cars and other vehicles get stuck in a way that’s difficult to get out of. Our recovery training makes it possible to get you out of even the tightest most difficult situations.

Door opening:
We’ve all locked our keys in the car at one point or another. We haven’t always had someone to help til now. Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service can get your car open in no time using state of the art lock out tools.

Keyless entry systems:
Part of being well-versed in car locks is understanding the alternatives, and we know our way around keyless entry systems.

Fuel delivery:
People can run out of gas miles away from a gas station. If it happens to you, give us a call! We will deliver the fuel you need and you’ll be driving again before you know it.

Flatbed service:
A lot of today’s vehicle are All Wheel Drive which means they require Flatbed Service to be towed. We offer Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Flatbed Service.

Removal of abandoned vehicles:
We offer free removal of abandoned vehicles with same day service.

Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service is constantly working on expanding the number of services we offer our customers making it the best experience possible.