Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service opened its doors in 1988, determined to give motorists everywhere the kind of service that they deserve while experiencing car trouble. Here at Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service, we know that customers want a service that will get them driving again as soon as possible without delay. Our mission is to make that happen for everyone that calls us for help.

We understand that our customers will be dealing with all sorts of situations when they call us. Some people need help with a flat tire, others may need help getting their vehicles out of a ditch or need towing service. Just the fact that your vehicle broke down is stressful enough you should not have to worry about the towing service that is coming to your rescue. At Road Ranger’s we pride ourselves in quick response time and excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy service that will see you through safely, that’s us. We understand that distressed motorists may need all sorts of services and we are ready and willing to help in any way possible.

As the largest Towing Company in Gettysburg PA, our company is very familiar with the local framework and culture of this area. Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service is a locally-owned company that has a broad territory that covers the Gettysburg PA and surrounding areas. As our history has shown Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service is always expanding

Road Ranger’s Auto & Truck Sales & Service has a standing membership with the Pennsylvania Towing Association, the TRAA, and the Certified Towing and Recovery Operator organizations. We try to keep ourselves involved in our field so we can keep on giving customers the type of treatment that they deserve.